Medicare Mindset, LLC has provided the following documents as educational tools for those nearing Medicare enrollment. Please note that Medicare Mindset, LLC nor its agents are affiliated with the Federal Medicare Program. 

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All Miami County employees, except for certain students, are automatically enrolled in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), as required by law. OPERS provides retirement, disability, and other benefits and is entirely independent of the federal Social Security System. This means you will pay into OPERS instead of Social Security while you work for Miami County. 

Your contributions are deducted from your biweekly paychecks. Contribution amounts are calculated on your earnable salary. 

Employee Contribution Rates

  • General: 10%
  • Public Safety Officers: 10.10%
  • Law Enforcement Officers: 13%

Employer Contribution Rates

  • General: 14%
  • Public Safety Officers: 18.10%
  • Law Enforcement Officers: 18.10%

While you will find many resources online to help you through your experience with OPERS, we have chosen to list a few of the most common documents below for your convenience.

Member Handbook

Retiring From Public Employment Guide

Understanding the Basics (Medicare Guide)

Returning to Work After Retirement Guide

Contacting OPERS

  • 277 East Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215-4642
  • Telephone: (800) 222.7377


Deferred compensation plans are voluntary and require Miami County employees to complete an enrollment process to participate. There are three deferred compensation plans from which to choose. 

  1. CCAO
  2. ODC
  3. Voya

County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO)

The CCAO plans are managed through a partnership with Empower Retirement.

Brian Schmidt is Miami County's Account Executive. Brian provides one-on-one retirement counseling and planning services for Miami County employees. CCAO also has an extensive on-demand e-learning library to help you plan for your retirement.  

Plan Information

  • Group ID / Plan Number: 340001 - 01
  • Plan Enrollment Code: BnbU4Djp 


  1. Visit and select the REGISTER button 
  2. Select the I have a Plan Enrollment Code and enter the information listed above.
  3. The website will guide you through the enrollment process from here.
  4. If you need further online enrollment assistance, please contact (800) 284.0844 and mention our Plan Enrollment Code.

Contacting CCAO / Empower Retirement