Juvenile Court Traffic Bureau

Miami County Juvenile Court Traffic Bureau

There is hereby established a Juvenile Traffic Violations Bureau to be operated in the manner prescribed by Ohio Traffic Rules 13, 13.1, and as presented herein. A person charged with being a Juvenile Traffic Offender by reason of a violation which does not require a mandatory appearance pursuant to this Rule may elect to proceed without a court appearance under the following procedures.

The Judge of the Juvenile Division of the Miami County Court of Common Pleas shall serve as violations clerk, and shall appoint deputy clerks to conduct the business of the Juvenile Traffic Violations Bureau as needed.

Pursuant to Ohio Traffic Rules 13, 13.1 and Rules 1,2,9(a),22 and 29(F)(2)(a) of the Rules of Juvenile Procedure, the Court will accept a waiver of appearance and entry of plea of admission in writing, and acceptance of predetermined disposition for certain juvenile traffic offenders who meet the following criteria:

1) The alleged juvenile traffic offender is a juvenile aged fifteen, sixteen or seventeen at the time of offense; and

2) The offense is a first traffic offense for the juvenile; and

3) The offense is minor, i.e., a violation involving the assessment of two or fewer points by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, per ORC §4510.036.

4) If the offense is for speeding, the speed alleged is not greater than twenty miles per hour above the posted speed limit, nor an offense of speeding in a school zone;

5) The offense does not allege operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse;

6) The offense does not allege operating a motor vehicle without an operator’s license or under a suspended license;

7) The offense does not allege failure to stop for a school bus;

8) The offense does not involve a traffic accident or leaving the scene of an accident;

9) The offense does not involve willfully eluding or fleeing a police officer;

10) The offense does not involve drag racing; and

11) The offense does not involve the use of an electronic wireless communication device while driving.

The Court may, in its discretion and upon a case-by-case basis, determine that a juvenile traffic offense otherwise eligible should not be disposed of by said Violations Bureau, or may schedule all juvenile traffic cases for hearing.

If not indicated on the citation, proof of insurance must be shown at the time of signing the waiver and admission in person, or a copy of the insurance card must be included with the returned forms.

Fines and court costs for all cases processed by the Violations Bureau shall be paid in accordance with the Traffic Schedule of Fines and Costs on file with the Clerk of the Juvenile Court and posted on the Court’s website.

All admissions and dispositions processed through the Violations Bureau shall be promptly reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and will become part of the juvenile’s driving record. As a result, points may be assessed by the BMV per ORC §4510.036.