Intensive Supervised Probation

Intensive Supervised Probation (ISP) is an intensive probation which serves youth who are placed in or being discharged from a community correctional facility or a residential treatment program, as well as youth who are at high risk for possible placement. In addition the program also coordinates the IV-E placements and programming for youth and families. The program’s goal is to assist the youth who are being released with successful integration back into the community, and to work with high risk youth and their families to prevent placement in a community correctional or residential facility. The ISP officer assists the youth in sustaining the behavioral and attitude changes that the youth made while in treatment. Youth are assigned conditions of probation by the Court and the youth and ISP officer then develop an individualized case plan that addresses specific needs and goals. The ISP officer has frequent contact with the youth, family and all service providers to insure compliance with Court orders and to assist the youth to be successful in the community.