Municipal Court Prosecutor

The Miami County Municipal Court Prosecutor's Office is separate from the Miami County Prosecutor's Office and has jurisdiction in misdemeanor offenses filed in the county that do not have a specific prosecutor assigned. The City of Troy is included in this Jurisdiction.

Municipal Court Prosecutor - Lenee' Brosh - (937) 440-3928

The Municipal Court Prosecutor's Office does NOT have jurisdiction in the following cities.

Tipp City - John Freeman - (937) 552-7610

Piqua - Frank Patrizio - (937) 773-3212

West Milton - Grant Kerber - (937) 339-1500

Covington - Frank Patrizio - (937) 773-3212

All Felony offenses filed in Miami County fall within the jurisdiction of the Miami County Prosecutor's Office - (937) 440-5960