Local Rule 6



Unless the Trial Judge otherwise directs, counsel for the party in whose favor an order, decree or judgment is rendered, shall within five (5) work days thereafter prepare the proper judgment entry and submit it to opposing counsel who shall approve or reject the same within five (5) work days after receiving it. Approved judgment entries shall be immediately forwarded to the Judge. If counsel are unable to agree upon the entry, it shall be submitted to the Trial Judge who will direct what entry shall be made. If counsel fail to present an entry within twenty (20) calendar days after the order is decreed, or the judgment rendered, the Trial Judge may cause the proper entry to be prepared and filed without submission or notice to counsel or take such other action as may be appropriate under the circumstances.


Upon settlement of a civil case the parties shall immediately inform the Court. Counsel shall promptly submit an appropriate entry to the assigned Trial Judge following settlement of any case. If counsel fail to present such an entry to the Trial Judge within twenty days after representation to the court that a case has been settled, the Trial Judge may order the case dismissed for want of prosecution. In addition, if a case has been assigned for trial and it is settled, counsel shall forthwith notify the Court. Failure to do so may be considered as a contempt of court by the Trial Judge who may take such action as is appropriate under the circumstances.


All entries, civil, domestic and criminal, shall be filed separate from the motion. This rule does not apply to Judgment Entries signed by the Judge together with the Magistrate’s Decision pursuant to Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 53, or in cases pursuant to Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 65.1 involving domestic violence entries.