Ohio Revised Code Dog Laws

ORC 955.01

Within 30 days of becoming the owner, keeper, or harborer of any dog more than 3 months of age or owner of a dog kennel or any dog which is brought from outside the state must file an application for registration. Licenses are valid for the calendar year in which they are issued. License tags go on sale December 1st for the next year and are past due after January 31st at which time a penalty fee is assessed.

ORC 955.02

"Dog Kennel" or "Kennel" means an establishment that keeps, houses, and maintains adult dogs for the purpose of breeding the dogs for a fee or other consideration received through a sale, exchange, or lease and that is not a high volume breeder licensed under Chapter 956 of the Revised Code.

ORC 955.22C

The owner or keeper of every dog shall at all times keep such dog either confined upon the premises of the owner or under reasonable control of some person.

ORC 959.01

No owner or keeper of a dog, cat, or other domestic animal, shall abandon such animal.

ORC 959.13A

No person shall:

  1. Torture an animal, deprive one of necessary sustenance, cruelly beat or impound an animal without supplying it a sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water.
  2. Confine an animal without affording it access to shelter from wind, rain, snow, or excessive direct sunlight.
  3. Carry or convey an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner.
  4. Keep animals in an enclosure without wholesome exercise and change of air.