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Court System: Computer Access Request Form

  1. Miami County Communication Center
  2. Court System: Computer Access Request Form
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    1. Requests will only be accepted from the chief operating officer or their authroized designee.
      Please complete the form and click submit. The form will be sent to the Miami County Communication Center LEADS TAC/ Teri Newbright.
    2. Terms of Use:
      The Miami County Sheriff and five Chiefs of Police are furnishing law enforcement records anf jail records for criminal justice purposes only within the Miami County Criminal Justice system. All data is the property of the Miami County Sheriff and the five Chiefs of Police and should be considered confidential beyond the use of criminal justice purposes. The data is not to be furnished to anyone outside the Miami County Court System or to defense attorneys. Municipal and County Prosecutor staffs do have permission to disseminate records to defense counsel for discovery purposes only. Use of the data beyond the aforementioned purposes is strictly prohibited and will result in access to the Spillman system being terminated and the potential for civil and/or criminal liabilities. By completing and electronically signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above terms of use and will abide by the same.
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