Hazmat Team

The Miami County Hazardous Materials Response Team is a multi-agency response team made up of trained members who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The team is composed of firefighters who have received specialized training in the prevention and mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials. These firefighters provide this service in addition to their usual firefighting duties at their own agency. All members of the response team are required to maintain their level of certification through a combination of regular in-house training, contract classes, exercises and drills. All team members volunteer for the assignment. This ability requires many years of training, certification and diligence not found elsewhere. The Miami County Hazardous Materials Team is a verified State of Ohio Type 2 Team.

The Hazmat Team is a specialty response resource that when requested can identify the potential hazardous materials encountered and mitigate the effects of the release. To accomplish these goals, the team is equipped and has training with specialized detection and monitoring equipment for the detection of chemicals, toxic environments and radiological materials. The Miami County Hazardous Materials Team routinely responds to assist emergency responders with fuel spills, oil spills and any other incident where there is a known or unknown hazardous substance. At all times the hazmat team works for the Incident Commander and with local responders, state officials, the affected party and private contractors.

The Miami County Hazardous Materials Response Team always strives to preserve life, stabilize the scene and protect public and private properties. Their primary duties are to rescue people trapped or injured by incidents involving hazardous materials and to identify known and unknown substances encountered by the public and/or other emergency first responders.

The Miami County Hazardous Material Response Team is actively involved in the Local Emergency Planning Committee and its efforts on behalf all Miami County residents.

Hazmat Vehicles

The hazmat response vehicles are equipped with the most current protective clothing and chemical detection devices available. Much of this special response equipment has been purchased through the Miami County Emergency Management Agency with funding from State and Federal Homeland Security Grant funds, as well as funds from the Miami County Local Emergency Planning Committee.

The Miami County Hazardous Materials Response Team maintains one response vehicle and a trailer with a specific response capabilities. Operating off a tiered response system, our team has custom designed response procedures to send only the required personnel and equipment needed for the response.