Service Coordination

What is Service Coordination?

  • The Miami County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) appointed representatives from different agencies to work together to find positive resources for our families in need including: the Mental Health Clinic, Juvenile Court, Children Services, Educational Service Center, and the Department of Health. Together these agencies will help one another to coordinate a plan for our families needing access to community programs to help them succeed.

Who can receive services?

  • Families who are involved with two or more county agencies and in the community.
  • Families with children 0-21, youth at risk of out-of-home placement, children with needs from different agencies, families in crisis and in need of intensive services to support a stable home environment, families who are willing to actively participate.

How can I request services?

  • Speak to your county caseworker, probation officer, counselor, school official and ask for a Service Coordination referral.
  • A Service Coordination Liaison will set up a meeting with you to discuss how we can help. This will include finding strengths in your family and looking for new resources in the area that you can use.

What can Service Coordination do for my family?

  • Provide information to you about available services including education, disabilities, health, mental health, social services, etc.
  • Link you and your children to vital service supports to promote family stability and healthy family and child functioning.
  • Assure that agency staff working with you and your family are working together.
  • Help you and your family know your rights with agencies and services.
  • Help you and other family members be active participants in service plans for your children.

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