Bailiff / Court Security

Municipal Court Bailiff's Office Primary Duties

  • Provides security for the courthouse (view a list of items prohibited in the courthouse (PDF))
  • Provide security in the courtrooms while court is in session
  • Serve subpoenas to witnesses and victims of crime
  • Serve civil papers - summonses for small claims suits, eviction hearings, garnishment hearings, debtors exams, contempt hearings
  • Transport prisoners to and from jail for their court hearings
  • Screens the public by magnetometer prior to them entering the courtrooms
  • Assist the judges and magistrate in the daily operation of court sessions including the handling of case files and escorting defendants and other persons to the courtroom
  • Maintenance and operation of courtroom sound, recording, and video equipment as needed
  • Monitor the Ignition Interlock System and the Immobilization process for repeat DUI offenders

Ignition Interlock System

The Interlock System is a device installed on one’s vehicle to prevent it from starting with the presence of alcohol on one’s breath. It also requires random breath checks during operation of the vehicle. The driver must provide a breath sample and vocal tone sample to pass the test. The failure of a “rolling test” will also be reported. Along with the breath and sound tests, the device takes a picture of the operator while doing these tests.

Installation Orders

This device is ordered by the Judge to be installed on repeat DUI / OVI offenders’ vehicles. The failure of any of these tests is immediately reported to the court, otherwise, a monthly individual report for each defendant is generated and filed for tracking purposes.

Term of Installation

The term of installation is determined by the judge assigned to the case. The length of time is usually associated with the length of the drivers’ license suspension. The program does have an installation fee, a monthly fee, and required monthly recalibration appointments for reporting purposes.