Telephone Calls

Telephone calls are available to youth who have reached to appropriate level of the program and have been approved to make phones calls. Phone calls are made Wednesdays and Fridays after 6:00pm. Youth must have the person they call and/or talk to approved by their counselor and written on their approved list kept in the Control Center. To make phone calls, youth must have a prepaid phone card provided by the parent or guardian to cover the toll of the phone call. Emergency calls or counseling related calls will not require the youth to use the prepaid phone card. All phone calls will be monitored by staff, with the exception of youth/attorney and reporting of sexual abuse or sexual harassment calls per PREA.


Youth are encouraged to write letters to their loved ones while residing at West Central. While on levels A, B, and C, youth are permitted to write two letters per week. Once on Honors Pod, youth are eligible to write four letters per week. The Facility provides youth with envelopes, however if a youth desires to write more letters than allotted, the family is encouraged to bring in stamped envelopes for the youth to utilize. As they graduate through the program, youth are allowed to receive letters from extended family as well as an approved friend. Youth also have the right to contact their Court/Probation Officer and/or Attorney by filling out a request form to do so. These contacts and/or visits are above and beyond their weekly correspondence.