EPA Lead Water Service Survey

Miami County Sanitary Engineering Department is required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a Lead Water Service Inventory for all homes in the Water District. The survey will ask for the property address, year the home was built, any updates to the interior plumbing and the year of the update, and finally, the current plumbing material type in the home.

There are some pictures and information on the type of plumbing material used in homes below.  A drop down menu will have a selection of the plumbing material. Material types to pick will be Lead, Copper, Galvanized, Plastic (PVC or PEX), other material or unknown.

If you need assistance in determining plumbing type please call Customer Service at 937-440-5653 to schedule an appointment or to speak to a Technician.

Take the Survey!

Your cooperation and timely response is greatly appreciated!

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