Planning & Zoning

The Miami County Planning & Zoning Department administers county zoning for eight of the twelve townships in the county including: Concord, Monroe, Newberry, Newton, Springcreek, Staunton, Union and Washington Townships. The townships of Bethel, Brown, Elizabeth and Lostcreek administer their own zoning.

The Planning and Zoning Department also administers the Miami County Flood Damage Reduction Resolution and Subdivision Regulations for all of the unincorporated areas within the county.

Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

The last update to the Miami County Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2006. The Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for land-use and other development related decisions in Miami County.

Zoning Map Amendments (PDF)

Click the link above for an outline of the zoning map amendment process

Board of Zoning Appeals (PDF)

The Miami County Board of Zoning Appeals hears applications for Variances, Conditional Uses and Administrative Appeals. The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room. If you would like to make an application to the Board please contact the Department of Development. There is a $225 fee to cover advertising costs for each application made to the Board.

Zoning Permits

Click the link above for information about obtaining a zoning permit in the unincorporated areas of Miami County. (This information does not apply for Brown, Lostcreek, Elizabeth and Bethel Townships)

Subdivision Regulations

The Miami County Subdivision Regulations and application forms which may be required when submitting for land survey approval are available at the above link.

Zoning Maps

Click on the link above to access a searchable GIS Zoning Map Application for the areas under the Miami County Department of Development’s zoning jurisdiction. Parcels can be located by address or parcel number. (Please note the disclaimer at the beginning of the web app.)

Zoning Resolutions

The various articles of the Miami County Zoning Resolution can be found at the above link.

Floodplain Management

The Miami County Flood Damage Reduction Resolution and various forms which may be required in order to develop property in the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (100 year flood plain) can be found at the above link.