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Education Program Summary

All youth placed at WCJRF take part in our educational program, which operates in the Troy City School District. The school program is run by our staff of four state-certified teachers covering the core subjects of math, science, English, and social studies. We also employ a certified intervention specialist through Troy Schools. Youth also participate in an hour of physical education each day. Teachers travel from pod to pod, providing youth appropriate course work, tutoring, and instruction. Prior to a youth entering our program, their school transcripts, grades, grade-appropriate test scores, and credit totals are reviewed. Course work is then based on their individual high school graduation requirements and credit needs. Courses include, but are not limited to: 

  Math  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and/or Geometry.
  Science  General Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Biological/Life Science, and/or Chemistry.
  English  Exploring Literature (English 9), American Literature (English 10/11), British Literature (English 12), and/or World Literature. 
  Social Studies  World History, U.S. History, Economics, Government, Geography, and/or Civics.

Youth not ready for traditional high school course work in Math or English may also complete remedial PACE modules before starting a textbook. Youth in need of credit recovery will be also be enrolled in our online learning program: Odyssey. Odyssey subjects are counted towards high school credits and can help a student who has fallen behind in school. Odyssey is also used to provide students with a wide range of elective credit choices, such as Career Management, Health, or ACT Test Prep.

Educational Enhancements

Prior to the youth’s admission into our facility our lead teachers gather all pertinent educational data and coordinates with the youth’s home school in order to create an educational plan for that youth. This process determines what grade level they are on, what credits they need for graduation, what learning disabilities they have and if they qualify for credit recovery utilizing the Odyssey program. All youth who enter the program are also pre-tested by our Intervention Specialist in the areas of Math, and Reading. Upon their release they are then post-tested in the same areas to determine their progress. The test utilized for this testing is the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills Revised.

Youth attend school 5.5 hours a day, five days a week. School is in session all year round. This allows youth to make progress towards their education, especially those who are deficit in skills or credits needed to graduate. Those youth identified as Learning Disabled and who are on an IEP meet daily with the Intervention Specialist and also work with tutors throughout the school year. This Fiscal year there were 34 pre and post tests conducted on youth.


Youth have access to the library(located in the classroom) two time per week. As the youth progress through the program, the number of books they are allowed to have in their room increases. In addition to the library access, the “Book Mobile” arrives at WCJRF once per month which allows for the youth to have additional library resources from the Troy Miami County Public Library.