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Adoption - Pre-placement
The birth parent(s) may be represented by legal counsel.  Legal counsel for the birth parents may not be
the same person who represents the prospective adoptive parent(s).

If a birth certificate has been issued, it must be filed with the pre-placement application.

If the child to be adopted was born after 1/1/1997 and the birth mother was not married to the birth father
and no subsequent paternity determination was made after the birth of the child, the Court requires a
Putative Father Registry Certification.

OHDS Form 1693 (Ohio Law & Adoption Materials) should be utilized at the time of the birth parent
assessment and is to be completed by the adoption assessor and the birth parent(s). 


After the Court Hearing:
  • Once the entry is rendered, counsel for prospective adoptive parent(s) may file the Petition for Adoption.