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Frequently Asked Questions
Will it cost me anything to use the Job Center Network Services?
No. There is no cost for the quality services we can provide to
your company.

What is SCOTI?
Sharing Career Opportunities & Training Information is a state wide job matching system. As an employer, you can place your job orders in this data base where you will gain access to the most extensive and accurate information available in your labor market.

What is Alliance for Business and Industry?
ABI is a project of the four county Workforce Policy Board and is designed to assist employers with retention, expansion and recruitment needs by utilizing a central contact person.

How can the Job Center help me find qualified workers?
A variety of means can be used to help employers find workers. The SCOTI system can be used to find an appropriate match, as well as resume scanning, and pre-screening services. We can customize the search for appropriate candidates based upon the criteria the employer establishes with the Job Center.

Will the Job Center take applications / resumes for our company?
Yes, the Job Center is able to take applications/resumes for your company. We can also assist you with the screening process based on your company's criteria.

Will I be able to use a private room for interviewing applicants one on one?
Yes, the Job Center will be able to provide you with a room for interviewing applicants. Contact your local Center to reserve this space. Conference rooms are also available for orientations.

I am looking to hire engineers for my company. How do I know I will receive the appropriate referrals?

Referrals from the SCOTI data base are skill set matched. You can choose to have these referrals screened through the Job Center before you even see the first applicant. If you choose, you can supply the Job Center with testing materials and we will assess these individuals for you.