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West Central’s current treatment programming is based on a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment model with a focus on targeting criminogenic risk factors through cognitive restructuring and skill acquisition. Current curricula include: Thinking for a Change (Bush, Glick, Taymans), Advanced Social Skills (UCCI), Relapse Prevention (UCCI), Orientation Sessions (UCCI), Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change (Milkman & Wanberg) and Aggression Interruption Training (Washington State).

West Central’s goal is to help the young men in our charge identify their thinking
errors, correct their cognitive distortions, and develop the skills necessary to effectively manage their environment. As a result, motivating them to return home with a fundamental shift in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors regarding their abusive and criminal activities. These interventions are presented daily to our youth, during multiple individual, groups and family interactions.

Youth participate in a minimum of 10 group sessions per week. All counselors meet with their assigned youth on a weekly basis for individual counseling as well. West Central Rehab firmly believes that the youth’s family, is an essential component for the youth’s future success and requires families to participate in a minimum of 10 family sessions.