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Elected Officials

Auditor    Matthew W. Gearhardt 937-440-5925
Clerk of Courts  Jan Mottinger 937-440-6010
Commissioners  John F. (Jack) Evans 937-440-5910
   John W. O'Brien 937-440-5910
 Gregory A. Simmons 937-440-5910
Coroner    William Ginn, M.D. 937-440-6080
Engineer    Paul P. Huelskamp 937-440-5656
Prosecutor    Anthony E. Kendell 937-440-5960
Recorder    Jessica Lopez 937-440-6040
Sheriff    Dave Duchak 937-440-6085
Treasurer    Jim Stubbs 937-440-6045 
Common Pleas  Judge Christopher Gee 937-440-6021
   Judge Jeannine N. Pratt 937-440-6019  
Juvenile & Probate  Judge W. McGregor Dixon, Jr. 937-440-5970
Municipal  Judge Samuel L. Huffman 937-440-3936
   Judge Gary A. Nasal 937-440-3933